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Stew Coldwel was born in 1900 and was a brother to Johnathan Coldwel's father. He would provide Johnathan's with heat, electricity, as well as other commodities due to Johnathan's father not bothering with any of them. Johnathan would look up to him for advice until 1956, in which the two nolonger saw eye-to-eye on Johnathan's plans involving the SSC.

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Stew Coldwel was an uncle to Johnathan Coldwel, one who would act as a sort of father figure to Johnathan in the times that his father wouldn't provide for the home anymore. Johnathan would often look to his uncle for advice during their time stacking firewood. Stew would later learn of Johnathan's involvement with the SSC and attempt to steer him away from it, so as not to get him in trouble or have him end up like his father. Johnathan refused to back down from these beliefs. During a planned attack on Johnathan by THEM soldiers, Stew showed up in time with what appeared to be a gun and scared the intruders away. Although thankful for the assistance, Johnathan was unmoved by Stew's pleas to stop the fighting, and told his uncle to leave and not return. Although nolonger providing heat to Johnathan, it can be assumed Stew continued paying taxes and providing electricity to Johnathan's house for some time afterwards.

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Stew Coldwel was described as being a gruff, older man who smoked cigarettes. Despite his old-time attitude, Stew was filled with knowledge on how to avoid a life of misery and heartache. Stew demonstrated clear bravery in protecting Johnathan from THEM soldiers, despite his heart troubles. Stew preferred a life of forgiveness over violence, and often criticized Johnathan's motives and actions within the SSC, yet still allowing him to go through with it without standing in his way. Stew was also notable for his faded cap and scraggly beard.His hair was gray in coloration and dark bags/age marks were spread over his face.His eyes were a dark gray coloration and he also featured long eyebrows and a fairly large nose. His appearance when younger is not made clear, though it can be inferred to be quite similar to that of Johnathan.