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Summer was born in 1938. She would later enter a relationship with Johnathan Coldwel in 1953. In 1955 Summer assisted Johnathan from the sidelines as he established the SSC and would later pressure him into letting her join. Summer went on to slowly grow apart from the increasingly unhinged Johnathan in 1956 until eventually leaving him due to the Magna Oil burning incident and the cruel events of Drathm 4.

Biography Edit

Summer first met Johnathan following a harsh training exercise the latter had been exhausted from, prompting Summer to offer him water. Following Jonathan asking her to prom, the two formally became a couple. Summer would stand by Jonathan's side and provide a shoulder to lean on following Brice's death and the establishment of the SSC. As the SSC began to grow, Summer increasingly pressured Johnathan into letting her fight in the SSC, in which he eventually accepted (albeit begrudgingly). As an SSC soldier, Summer would go on to inspire Noah to make blue the color of the SSC and also inspire Johnathan and other soldiers towards coming up with a name for the group (the "SSC"). Summer also pushed Johnathan to not worry so much and helped him relieve stress by assisting him in creating rules for the SSC's BLB book (book of rules). Summer was directly involved with coming up with plans for capturing Dante Felding and was implied to have fought in some battles of Drathm. Summer was later captured by the traitorous Flags and sent into a snow exile along with Jonathan and Jacob (where the trio nearly died if not for her brother saving them). As Johnathan became increasingly obsessed with revenge and his schedule became busier, Summer felt herself drifting away from him. She'd finally be pushed over the edge after learning from Noah that Johnathan set fire to Magna Oil and also purposefully injured wounded THEM soldiers during Drathm 4. Summer tearfully confronted Johnathan on this matter and was unable to talk him down from his behavior, finally choosing to leave him and the SSC. Over time, a vision of Summer would appear to an increasingly unhinged Johnathan.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Summer was strong-willed for a girl during the 1950's, despite her overprotective brother and overbearing parents. She demonstrated utter and complete care for Johnathan, supporting him fully in his endeavors towards making the school a better place. Summer displayed great intelligence in not only battle strategy but also in rule making. She displayed a strong urge to prove older generations wrong and prove the strength and independence of women. Her ability to fight is unknown, and she likely did not see much action within the SSC due to Johnathan constantly worrying for her and wanting to keep her out of things. However Summer did display a surprising level of tolerance and strength towards the cold during the snow exile. Despite being one of the only females in the SSC, Summer was more than willing to speak her mind to enemies and also to Johnathan without fear. Summer experienced severe emotional instability upon learning of Johnathan's increasingly heinous activities, eventually being smart enough to know when to leave him. Prior to Johnathan's downfall, Summer preferred painting and loved a good joke. Summer was described as exceptionally beautiful by Johnathan, who often recounted her multitude of brightly colored dresses. Her hair was light brown and styled shortly near her face in a typical 1950's fashion. Summer occasionally wore red lipstick and blue earrings. Her eyebrows were also notably thin. Additionally, Summer's eyes were described as being green while her skin tone was an average white coloration.