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Talon (real name unknown) was born in 1991. In 2001 he would join THEM. He would encounter an extreme rise in rank around 2002. This would lead to him being elected leader of THEM forces and succeed in kicking out Darkness and Joseph from their ranks. In 2003 he'd blame the SSC for sending Darkness and Joseph into THEM as spies. This misunderstanding led to an outbreak of war between the SSC and THEM for the first time in years. Talon would go on to lead THEM until being captured and defeated by Tim Allender in 2007.

Biography Edit

Talon joined THEM at age 10. He would go on to rise in rank over time and be elected leader of THEM. Soon thereafter, he'd into an argument with two recruits (Darkness and Joseph) who he feared were trying to overthrow him. Thus Talon used his power to kick the two out of THEM for good. As his rule became stronger, Talon and a unit he was leading would later catch Darkness and Joseph working with the SSC (in Robert's unit). Talon would lose control of his men, who would try and attack the traitors, only to be fought off and with Talon being captured and led to Brian for questioning. Talon blamed Brian for sending the two spies out to watch them; unaware that Brian actually had no clue that Darkness and Joseph worked for neither side and were actually acting under their own plans. With this massive misunderstanding in place, neither leader to come to terms of peace, leading to war being declared on both sides.

Talon would participate in multiple battles throughout the war; always managing to escape. He'd be directly involved in the capture of an SSC member (which led to Tim and Eric meeting in the middle of the ensuing fight) and the ambush on the SSC meeting; of which Talon would attempt to flee once more until a young Tim Allender was capable of chasing Talon, catching him, and defeating him. Talon's defeat dealt a major blow to THEM forces and further turned James away from his former friend. Talon would come to be replaced by Corruption following his defeat.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Talon was described as gruff and mistrusting of those around him. His harsh attitude and anger would lead to multiple fights within his time at THEM. However despite this, he was a notoriously skillful leader in times of war; able to plan attacks and even setting himself apart from other leaders by going into battle with his troops on multiple occasions. Talon was also notably fast; able to escape multiple battles and foes through sheer speed alone. His knowledge on battles and how they played out made him a decent tactician. Talon exhibited shortly cut brown hair with long sideburns and a distinct chin and cleft. He also possessed green eyes, an average white skin tone, as well as a wider facial structure. Talon notably lost a tooth in the brawl with Darkness, and his most distinguishable of features resided in the three thin scars scraped over his left eye, looking as if delivered by the talons of a bird - hence his name choice. It was unknown if these scars were real or merely painted on to intimidate. He was also described as having beady eyes.