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Teddy was born in 1938 and later became friends with Johnathan Coldwel in 1952. Years later; during the Golden Age of the SSC (1955) Teddy would join the faction and be promoted to a master. He'd take on several apprentices during this time; including Austin. Teddy and his family would later move away to a different state; making Austin the new master of the unit.

Biography Edit

Teddy was 14 when he became friends with Johnathan Coldwel. The two would remain relatively close and Teddy would be one of many soldiers to join the newly established SSC in the Golden Age and would be appointed as leader over a unit of soldiers. He's take part in Operation Choke; the first official mission demonstrated by the SSC which was a success. Teddy's family would later opt to move to a different state; with Teddy placing one of his apprentices; Austin in charge of the unit. In addition to this; before leaving, Teddy promised Jonathan he would establish yet another SSC once the move was completed; effectively beginning the spread of the SSC around the country. He would go on to return over a year later to Johnathan's SSC unit, only to be taken aback by the dramatic changes occurring within the group. In his confusion at the radical changes to the SSC, Teddy was labeled a spy by the increasingly paranoid Jonathan and forcibly removed from the premises. Jonathan would later give orders to have Teddy watched by members of his own unit, or even replaced if it came to it.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Teddy was a friendly and dedicated member of the SSC. He demonstrated relatively decent fighting skills but struggled with fully thinking out battle plans. However his overwhelming dedication and prominent instructing skills made him a well-respected member of the SSC. He displayed no qualms with questioning orders or displaying hesitance towards plans, going so far as to talk back to Johnathan Coldwel in the later stages of his leadership, leading to friction between the two and their ideologies of the SSC. Teddy had an average white skin tone and his eyes were a hazel coloration. He also had a notable cleft chin and thin eyebrows. His hair was a very light brown and not particularly styled. A small battle scar rested near his right ear.