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The Eye (real name Ivan) was born in 1938. He'd go on to move to Toparsburg and involve himself in picking on Brice, who would later commit suicide in 1955 due to these attacks. Ivan would later join THEM in 1956 to retaliate against the growing threat of the SSC. He'd lead multiple attacks against the enemy unit and eventually take up partial leadership of all of THEM following Calvin's disappearance. The Eye was later captured and exiled into a snow storm, where is fate is unknown.

Biography Edit

Ivan was a popular bully active in 1956. He was especially notable for targeting Brice, who would grow so tired of the treatment, he'd commit suicide. Ivan showed no remorse for his actions and continued his attacker activities until being confronted by the Origins of the SSC at a park. Ivan put up a fight against Johnathan Coldwel but was ultimately unable to stop the Origins from taking him and his friends down. Eventually Ivan joined up with the newly created THEM, where he worked closely by the side of Calvin Supco to destroy the SSC. Ivan would go on to lead multiple attacks against the SSC with THEM at his side. He was notable for his brutal and effective attacks on the SSC base called The Eye. As a result of his victory in this area following Drathm 2, Ivan was nicknamed "Victor of The Eye" or simply "The Eye". The Eye also took part in exiling Jonathan Coldwel, Phaze, and Summer into a snowstorm that nearly killed them. Shortly after this, Calvin Supco vanished from the public eye completely, leaving The Eye and Flags to take control of THEM as it's new leaders (along with several other leaders who acted primarily as financers as opposed to The Eye's and Flags's role in battle plans). However, The Eye was eventually captured by the SSC following an elaborate ruse carried out by the enemy faction. The Eye was briefly interrogated harshly by Johnathan Coldwel and later it was decided for his punishment to mirror the exile of Johnathan, Summer, and Phaze by sending The Eye into a snow storm as well as stripped of his jacket. The exile was carried out and Ivan's fate in the matter is unknown.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Ivan thrived on bullying and degrading others. He used a combination of his brute strength, fear tactics, and popularity with other attackers to become practically untouchable by anyone. Ivan displayed no remorse or feelings of guilt upon learning of his hand in Brice's death, and in fact found humor in the situation. Ivan also harbored intense feelings of revenge towards Johnathan Coldwel and the SSC for embarrassing him and was willing to work with and command THEM soldiers to achieve this. As a leader/fighter within THEM, Ivan displayed nearly unparalleled levels of brutality and strength. His leadership and use of deception were also surprisingly effective, albeit not up to par with minds such as Calvin or Johnathan. Ivan was being described as very tall and bulky, with dirty blonde hair which was cut extremely short. He had a wider face and a prominent chin. Two battle scars rested upon his jaw and the right side of his face. Ivan's eyes were a dark gray coloration and his eyebrows were quite long and thin. His skin tone was also fairly tanned. Ivan's nose was somewhat large and he would also occasionally smoke.