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Tim Allender was born in 1995. He would later grow up to join the school basketball team in 2003 where he would become best friends with James. In 2006 Tim was recruited into the SSC and trained as Eric's apprentice. He would also somewhat become friends with Nick the same year. In early 2007 Tim would go on to accidentally leak information on an SSC meeting, ultimately resulting in a brutal attack in which he managed to defeat Talon. After losing his master as a result of the attack, Tim would go on to become enemies with James and recruit Nick as his apprentice. In 2008, Tim would also manage to barely defeat Machine and go on to become leader of the SSC. The same year, he'd take leadership over Brett Blakley after Nick's apparent death. Unfortunately, Tim eventually abandoned the SSC and Brett in 2009, to hunt down James. A year later, in 2010, Tim discovered and defeated James, as well as met Francis. Tim would remain hidden until 2011, where he would join forces with George to stop Brett's rampage. After the battle with Brett and Darkness; Tim, Brett, and George worked together to rebuild the SSC in 2012, and shared leadership over it. In 2012, Tim was hunted by The Brotherhood of Death and fell into a temporary state of severe stress. This would last until 2013, in which Tim and his friends momentarily managed to ward off Blade and wage war on the rivaling group. Tim would later have a small hand in James's grizzly defeat, free Night Riser from the SSC detention center, and help to build back the SSC one final time before retiring. Tim Allender would then go to college in 2015 and graduate in 2019. He would then become a hermit for years on end before being visited by Gregory and Negative in 2038. He would help the SSC a final time to defeat Scythe and work with Negative to stage his death.

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Tim Allender was a legendary soldier who joined the SSC after being saved and recruited by Eric. Prior to his apprenticeship, Tim was on the school basketball team and became friends with James; who was actually a THEM member. Tim had an intense interest in the SSC for years, taking time to listen to embellished stories of the group occasionally. After joining the SSC, Tim would relay secret information to James, unaware of his friend's true allegiances. To make matters worse, Tim's inability to respect/fully understand his master led to him leaking information on a secret SSC meeting to THEM. This resulted in a surprise attack by THEM on the meeting, in which Tim was injured yet managed to spot, chase, and capture Talon as he attempted to make an escape. Despite the valiant deed, Tim was still aware that he would most likely be fired and that James was behind the attack. During a later meeting hosted by Brian, Tim was about to be discharged when Eric suddenly blamed himself for the attack and offered himself to be fired instead, which was accepted. Tim would later confront James and demand that he never interfere with SSC obligations again, which James refused, resulting in the two becoming permanent enemies, but with Tim refusing to fight James. Tim would go on to honor his master by recruiting an apprentice of his own, finding an old acquaintance named Nick to be the best option. Nick accepted the role as Tim's apprentice and the two trained for quite some time until Tim was tasked with taking out Machine; an upcoming threat to the SSC. Nick begged to help Tim, but his pleas were denied. Tim would later confront Machine at the old park, only to learn that Nick had arrived earlier to fight Machine and had apparently been killed. Burning with rage, Tim attacked Machine and the two fought until Tim was pushed into a tree, resulting in a branch tumbling from above and knocking out Machine just as he was about to finish him. Tim would mourn the loss of Nick and later (early the next school year) heard word from Random Kid that Machine was attacking a younger student named Brett Blakley, Tim took this as an opportunity to gain a new apprentice and hurriedly rushed to help Brett.

Tim was successful in fending off Brett from Machine, and slowly but surely befriended Brett, recruiting him as an apprentice and teaching him the ways of the SSC. The two would spend over a year training or hanging out, with Tim unaware that THEM was planning a huge attack until Random Kid divulged the information. Tim would also became aware of the fact that James was up to something sinister. Finally, war raged between the SSC and THEM, resulting in Tim facing Machine once more, but this time nearly being stabbed by Machine's notorious knife, only to be saved at the last second by Brett, who successfully fought off Machine and helped the SSC to win the battle. While the SSC celebrated, Tim silently vanished from the public eye, opting to track down James and end his nefarious goal to construct his own unit called 'The Brotherhood of Death'. Tim finally succeeded in finding James, and the two battled near a lakeside, resulting in James being pushed down the sharp/jagged rocks at the edge of the water, and becoming horribly scarred on one side of his face. Tim left his former friend behind and went into total hiding. Tim would eventually learn that Brett had become chaotic, and was wildly punishing anyone within Toparsburg who had previously done him wrong. Utilizing his superior spying skills, Tim was able to witness a meeting between Brett and his new master Darkness. Tim; saddened by this turn of events, was given no other option but to team up with George to stop Brett's rampage. The two were eventually called to Samantha's house, finding Brett attempting to attack her. The former friends urged Brett to surrender, but were unable to change his mind on the matter. which Brett refused, resulting in the former friends brutally fighting in the snow. The battle was long and harsh but Tim and George were ultimately unable to stop Brett, and were nearly killed until Tim was able to say a few words to snap Brett out of his mental barriers. Brett; now realizing what he had done, apologized to his friends, but this was cut short by the appearance of Darkness who decided to do away with them all after this betrayal. Brett fell unconscious as the reawakened George stepped in to save the two. Once Tim had recovered slightly, he too joined the battle against Darkness, though their combined strength was still not enough to best the foe. As Tim and George both began to lose the fight, and prepared to receive Darkness's wrath, Brett was able to awake himself and tackle the unsuspecting Darkness into the nearby frozen waters of Marinay River. Tim was able to catch Brett just before he could tumble into the water alongside Darkness. Tim eventually healed from his injuries, and upon Zach's leaving of the SSC, was offered the position of leader again. Tim accepted only on the grounds that Brett and George could assist him in leadership.

After rebuilding the SSC and sharing leadership over it along with Brett, Tim began to get attacked by members of The Brotherhood of Death, the unit that James had re-created in silence after his defeat years prior. These attacks by Blade, Rick, and other troopers drove Tim into a severe state of stress, resulting in him being unable to appear at many SSC meetings or lead the group very efficiently. Ultimately, Brett would learn about the threat of The Brotherhood after a run-in with Blade (who Tim barely warded off). This prompted Brett to declare war on the opposing group, easing Tim's depression and worry immensely despite his initial reluctance to get help. Brett later received a mysterious message from an anonymous source called 'Night Riser', who offered up advice regarding how to defeat the Brotherhood. Although Tim was not nearly as obsessed with uncovering Night Riser's true identity, (unlike Brett) the two were successfully able to convince the skeptical Commander Delta to head an attack on the enemy force's major base of operations at The Death Pit. Despite initially seeming to be uninhabited, Tim and Brett's unit was eventually attacked by Brotherhood members while entering the base, resulting in a majority of the team being captured and Tim barely managing to hide and escape their grasp. Now teaming up with other escaped members such as Brett and the commander, Tim helped to track down the other SSC soldiers by posing as enemy troopers. However, this cover was quickly broken as Tim opted to save the captured comrades before James ordered them to be harmed further. The rescue was a success, with Rick and many other enemies being captured and questioned. A mysterious message would later call for Tim and Brett's presence in Specter's Forest, with Tim being the first to arrive on the scene. Brett would meet with his master and the two would discover Night Riser among one of the forest's paths. Night Riser then revealed himself to be none other than Tim's former apprentice, Nick. Nick also admitted he'd been manipulating both the SSC and the Brotherhood in hopes of weakening them and then wiping everyone out as THEM resurfaced under his command. Taken aback by this turn of events, Tim began suffering intense pains around his head. Before any fight could break out, Blade and other Brotherhood forces began storming into the woods against Night Riser's anonymous advice. Night Riser fled the scene as Tim shortly did the same, not thinking clearly. Tim would attempt to approach the Death Pit once again, where he'd been told James was now staying, but collapsed from his pained forehead. Brett would manage to find his downed master and offer him support, with the two eventually deciding that Tim must fight James while Brett defended the base from the approaching Night Riser. Upon facing James, Tim learned that his former friend had actually set up everything only to break Tim's spirit. Now seeing James as nothing more than a bloodthirsty madman, Tim refused to fight him, instead walking away from the scene. In a final attempt to down his rival, James leapt at Tim's back only to be kicked away, into a wall. The entire the Death Pit began breaking apart at this moment. Tim attempted to rescue James, (who had become stuck under a piece of debris) only to be pushed away by an ambiguous force in the dark. With no other options, Tim was forced to flee the collapsing building, where Brett managed to quickly recover him. Tim and Brett would later heal from some of their wounds and travel to the SSC detention center where the now captured Night Riser was being held and questioned. Tim told all guards to leave the area and also unlocked the doors to the exits before approaching his old friend and apologizing for everything he had done wrong. His former apprentice's response remained unclear, though he did not attempt to attack his old master, instead opting to silently leave the premises. Tim would spend his remaining time in the SSC building it back to it's former strength one last time, but was vehemently against harsh combat after his role in James's supposed death. Tim eventually retired and went off to college, where he and Bret would argue over the purpose of still fighting even after leaving the SSC (as Brett had wanted to join the military). Brett ultimately dropped out of college and vanished, leaving Tim broken and hateful as he eventually graduated and lived out his future days as a hermit.

Years later, Gregory would appear at Tim's doorstep and ask for his help in locating Brett Blakley or at least figure out what happened to him. Tim initially avoided Gregory until being approached by Negative (Marcus Blakley) who silently revealed to Tim that he was Brett's son and that Brett had left the military in order to pursue a more peaceful life. Tim; overjoyed by this great news, agreed to train with Gregory and reveal to him what happened between him and Brett years prior. After this information is revealed, Tim was later approached by Shadow and Marcus who help to fake/stage Tim's death. Gregory arrived in time to see the actions carried out, believing that Tim was killed. It is only after Scythe is disbanded that Marcus goes on to reveal to Gregory that Tim was perfectly fine and that the staged death was merely to prevent Tim from being targeted by any other members.

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Tim - like many kids, was initially loud and foolish in his younger years. Even after training with Eric for some time, Tim still struggled to think deeply or have a firm understanding of the lessons that could be learned through the SSC. It was only after Eric's forced leaving, that Tim became far more serious, humble, and an overall better leader. Tim was described as incredibly likable, wise, and intelligent by Brett, and was also implied to be very popular among other students and SSC members as he rose in rank. Tim chose not to dwell too much on the past, often opting to hide facts from his comrades. As Tim got older, his interest in fighting greatly diminished, primarily due to his small hand in James's death, his discussion with the captured Nick, and his parting words with Brett before the latter joined the military. Tim was an incredibly skilled fighter; earning him a legendary status for his brawling prowess. Tim also displayed admirable leadership skills despite his young age, and took the time to train with his fellow soldiers, as well as go into battle with them. This closeness with the SSC only helped to increase his popularity. However, upon leaving the SSC with no specific details regarding why, many troopers and elites grew to hate him, thinking that he left out of fear or spite. These feelings gradually decreased upon Tim's return. Tim was often hard on himself, accepting most defeats or failures as his own. He personally felt that his leadership over the SSC and his apprentices was poor, and that they deserved better guidance. While he was incredible cynical over himself, he looked to all SSC members with intense admiration and respect. Tim was susceptible to certain degrees of heavy stress, once after his multitude of harrowing defenses against Brotherhood attackers, and again after thinking Brett had died fighting in the army, though these reactions were admittedly justified to some degree. During such times, Tim would tend to retreat inwards, hiding himself and his emotions away. Tim was described as looking surprisingly similar to Brett in his younger years, but with black hair. Tim's eyes were a dark brown coloration and his eyebrows were fairly short/thin. Tim exhibited a wider facial structure and nose, he also had an average white skin tone. One battle wound sat to the right of Tim's mouth while a more recognizable one ran through his left eyebrow. In his late SSC career, Tim was awarded a specially made SSC patch and uniform, indicating his repeated leadership and dedication towards the group. Tim regularly wore this SSC garb. Interestingly, Tim was also notable among SSC members for healing from injuries faster than most others, baring hardly any addition scars (and zero missing teeth) despite his multitude of battles. In his later years, Tim grew more pale due to his fairly continuous seclusion. Dark bags and other age marks would also appear over his face while his scars became more faded. Tim's hair at this age was cut far shorter and his eyebrows grew more defined/thick.