General Timeline Information Edit

Trevor Sykes (also called Mask 15) was born in 1994. He'd later join the SSC in 2006. He'd begin rising in rank around 2008. Years later, in 2010, Trevor would orchestrate the forced battle between Brett Blakley and Eliminator. Shortly afterwards, Trevor would be awarded the title of Mask 15. In 2011, Trevor led a group of elites to stop the enraged Brett Blakley from hurting any more kids or SSC members. Their efforts were not enough however, with Brett managing to best the entire unit, including Trevor. Later that year, Trevor would quit the SSC and leave the Mask title behind due to his anger with Brett being treated as a respected SSC soldier again.

Biography Edit

Trevor Sykes was 12 years old upon joining the SSC. His early activities within the group are largely unknown, but he did begin rising in rank a couple years later, possibly instigating in interest in becoming Mask 15. Hoping to earn this title no matter what, Trevor Sykes worked to pin Brett Blakley and Eliminator in a second fight (as Brett had previously lost the first encounter). Trevor was ultimately successful in getting the two to fight, with Brett emerging victorious alongside George. However, Brett was quick to realize he'd been tricked into fighting the foe, and angrily approached Trevor on the matter, demanding answers. In the end, Trevor was praised for his behind the scenes efforts in causing the defeat of Eliminator. Very soon afterwards, he successfully earned the Mask title as he'd hoped. Mask 15 would work to protect Zach and engage in highly classified SSC missions throughout the year. In 2011, Mask 15 was tasked with intercepting Brett Blakley (who had been deemed a traitor possibly working for THEM) in a wooded area, with a team of elite soldiers. Brett refused to reason with the elites, instead striking at them with intense veracity. Mask 15 was momentarily knocked unconscious before reawakening to fight Brett once more. Ultimately, Mask 15 was defeated by Brett, who proceeded to threaten the elite before knocking him unconscious again. Mask 15 would go on to recover from his injuries, but was unable to attack Brett again due to a series of several risks. Later the same year, word would be passed from Tim Allender and George that Brett was actually innocent, as was working undercover all along to determine if THEM was returning. With no basis to challenge these claims, Brett was no longer deemed an enemy of the SSC, and was instead treated as a respected member. Trevor, not believing this lie, quickly left the SSC and his title of Mask behind.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Trevor Sykes was intensely dedicated to the SSC, and obsessed with the prospect of becoming a proper figurehead within the group. He held a disdain for Brett Blakley, who he deemed unworthy of earning a figurehead status despite not being an elite. He also disliked Tim Allender, believing him to have abandoned the SSC for his own selfish interests. Despite these qualms, Trevor kept most of his opinions to himself, or spoke behind the backs of both individuals. Trevor's seriousness and dedication made him a respected elite within the group, and he had little-to-no issues with dirtying his hands if it meant he'd be held at a higher distinction. Upon becoming Mask 15, Brett would note that he seemed almost unhappy or bored, as he was no longer permitted to share his thoughts or opinions, and was instead reduced to a silent guard. Trevor's fighting and stealth skills were quite significant when compared to average soldiers, and his later role allowed him access to top secret information and missions, of which he was trusted wholeheartedly with. Ultimately, Trevor's unwillingness to let go of grudges or forgive another person, led to him angrily leaving the group, though Brett also suspected that he may have left because he couldn't stand remaining a Mask. Trevor was described as having light brown hair and a thin beard. His hair was often slicked back, he bolstered long eyebrows, and a long scar notably ran down the left side of his neck. Trevor was also said to have green eyes and to speak in a very low voice. One battle scar ran horizontally over the bridge of his nose, while another rested beside his right eye. While in Mask garb, Trevor was required to keep his face mostly hidden so as to keep his identity a secret. As such, a specially-made black cloth would be wrapped around his lower jaw, revealing only his eyes, forehead, and hair. He'd also be outfitted with darkened clothing to blend into the night and to signify his advanced elite status. He'd wear gloves with hardened plastic knuckles, cleats, light football padding, as well as knee pads and elbow pads.