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Trigger (real name unknown) was born in 2020. In 2027 his parents would die, forcing him and his brother to live on their own for a few years before creating Scythe (in 2031), a place for all homeless, escapees, or rogues who needed a home. He participated in the robbery of 2037 and later would work with Shadow to overthrow his brother; Big-H and retrieve the money Scythe was hoarding. In 2038, he eventually succeeded in this effort and later managed to mortally wound Brian Ward before fighting with Gregory. The fight was abruptly ended as Trigger was hit by an incoming car and severely handicapped to an unknown degree.

Biography Edit

Trigger's decent into criminal activity began after his parents were killed; prompting he and his older brother Henry to wander alone, trying to make ends meet and survive. They eventually set up a force called Scythe, where they'd accept other individuals in need of help, so that they could all work together to get food and other resources. This would continue until a later plan to raid a bank and steal a large sum of money so that the group could further live in comfort. Trigger aided in the bank robbery which turned out to be a success, except for the fact that half the money went missing during transport. The SSC was blamed for the missing funds, even though in all actuality, every group and respective member was being played by Shadow, who struggled to keep the two in a state of perfect balance as a part of his own personal plan. He would later work with Big-H and other members in torturing Danson for information on Gregory, but this would ultimately go nowhere, prompting Danson to be mortally wounded. Growing fed up with the slow progress Scythe was making, Trigger was overcome by greed and betrayed his brother with the help of Shadow. Now gaining access to Scythe's half of the money, Trigger escaped Father Base and was pursued by Negative and Gregory. Trigger was able to use his gun to successfully mortally wound Negative before then facing Gregory in the streets of the town. This fight continued for some time until being cut short as a speeding car struck Trigger and sped away. Trigger was recovered by the ambulance yet was handicapped to a strong degree, with Gregory commenting that he would never be able to fight for himself again and also that a great deal of his memories were wiped. Trigger's injury and betrayal would sadden Big-H to such a degree, that Scythe fell apart and the SSC became victorious.

Personality/Appearance' Edit


Trigger was incredibly hot-headed and matured for his age. He was given great control over all Scythe forces and given lethal weapons to use at his disposal. He was also greedy and underhanded in his tactics, caring more about himself and willing to betray/kill anyone who stood in his way of getting a better life. He was skilled in hand-to-hand combat, able to hold his own against Brian Ward and Gregory within the same time frame. He was described as generally tall, with short, black hair and small cuts around the ridge of his nose, below his mouth, and below his right eye. He had long eyebrows and tanned skin. He also had brown eyes, as well as a wider facial structure and nose.