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Tye was born in 1998 and would become friends with Brett in 2007. Years later, in 2010, Jack would manage to target and attack Tye before Brett could manage to intervene. This prompted Brett to brutally beat up Jack and order Tye to report Jack to the police. Tye's injuries were misinterpreted by George, who assumed Brett had inflicted them. In late 2011, Tye would become George's apprentice. In 2013, Tye would accompany other top SSC members to the abandoned warehouse where he would end up fighting Blade for a short time. Not long after, Tye and George accepted a mission to take down Rick, which initially caused problems, but eventually succeeded as Tye and George were able to record footage of his sinister intentions to the SSC, who then leaked it to the school. Tye would later join a rescue party to recover the seemingly missing Tim Allender and Brett in Specter's Forest, but was swiftly taken down by Brotherhood forces in the area. Tye would be released shortly afterwards as the SSC and The Brotherhood declared a truce in order to defeat the returned THEM. Tye went on to retire from the SSC in 2015 and later train Commander Spike in 2029, as his apprentice. In 2037, following the outbreak of war between the SSC and Scythe, Tye lost faith in the SSC and stopped training/communicating with Spike as an apprentice. The following year, in 2038, Gregory tracked down Tye for information on Tim Allender's whereabouts.

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Tye was friends with Brett Blakley some time before Brett's entering of the SSC. Jack (an enemy of Brett's) would later come to realize the best way to beat Brett was to attack those he cared about. As such, Jack notified Brett that he was going to attack Tye unless Brett could manage to stop him in time. Ultimately, Brett was incapable of reaching the location in time, resulting in Tye being severely beaten up. Tye would later watch as the now enraged Brett entered the property and savagely exacted revenge on Jack; defeating him. As Tye was being told to call the police to arrest Jack, George arrived and confused Tye's injuries with being caused by Brett's recent acts of rage. This misunderstanding finally drove Brett to abandoning his friends and becoming Darkness's apprentice. Though Brett would go on to hurt a wide array of students and SSC soldiers, Tye was one of the few individuals not at all effected by this change in personality, with Brett instead choosing simply to distance himself from Tye. Later, after being reasoned with by Tim Allender, Brett went on to apologize for his actions and reinstate his close friendship with Tye. George later recruited Tye as his apprentice, who he would train for years to come.

Tye would rise in rank as the SSC was brought back to it's former glory. He would at one point be tasked with meeting George, Samantha, Tim, and Brett at the abandoned warehouse in order to discuss vital SSC information. However this meeting was broken up by a surprise appearance by Blade, who fought the friends but was almost immediately overwhelmed by their combined strength. Not long after, Tye and George would accept a mission by Commander Delta to track down Rick (a Brotherhood of Death member) and defeat or expose him to the rest of the school. Despite some early rockiness, the mission ended with Tye and George recording Rick's sinister intentions, which the SSC would later leak to the school, prompting Rick's fall from popularity. Tye would later join George, Samantha, and SSC elites in a rescue mission to recover Brett and Tim within Specter's Forest. The leaders would be successfully discovered, only for Blade to then charge into the area with Brotherhood forces, which overwhelmed the SSC squad and resulted in their capture. Tye was freed shortly afterwards as his teammates were able to convince Blade of the returning threat of THEM. The SSC and the Brotherhood established an uneasy truce in this moment, resulting in Tye, George, and Samantha being released back into the erupting war. Their efforts were successful, though the SSC was severely damaged by the attacks. Tye would work with his friends for the remaining years to rebuild the SSC once more, before retiring.

Years later, and as an adult, Tye would come to train Commander Spike as his apprentice. This training would continue until the SSC became entangled in a misunderstanding with Scythe. Tye; no longer agreeing with the dangerous direction the SSC was taking, stopped training his apprentice and focused on his job as a manager for a local mall. He was later approached by Gregory, who had spent a fair amount of time trying to track Tye down and get information out of him on Tim's current whereabouts. Tye gave Gregory the information and wished him luck on his venture.

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Tye had a habit of making sarcastic/witty remarks in certain situations, with these tendencies increasing during his time under George's teachings. Although this comedic attitude occasionally annoyed those around him, Tye was still mostly respected by fellow SSC members, and trusted to appear in confidential SSC meetings that many others were not permitted to witness. Overall, Tye was described as exceedingly friendly and personable. He also was decent at thinking outside of the box to achieve goals. Following his time training with George, Tye became an above average fighter, capable of holding his own against somewhat substantial threats. Despite his roll in fighting, he notably stood against the risking of SSC trooper's lives, this would lead to him distancing himself from the SSC and his apprentice in later years. Tye's appearance was described as lanky and somewhat slouched, with little notable muscle. His brown hair was exceedingly curly and somewhat long, able to cover both his ears and much of his forehead. Additionally, Tye's eyes were light gray and his skin tone was slightly pink. In his older years, Tye's eyebrows grew longer and he began wearing glasses. He also cut his hair shorter, though the curls were still notable. Age marks appeared around Tye's face and hair grew at his chin.