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Zach was born in 1993. He'd later go on to join the SSC in 2006. He'd remain within the group and eventually rise in rank around 2007. In 2009, he'd be made leader of the SSC following Tim Allender's leaving. In 2010, he'd assist in the process of making sure that various THEM units around Toparsburg and other counties successfully shut down. In 2011, Zach would be responsible for sending elite soldiers after the traitorous Brett Blakley, hoping to capture him and get answers. The mission would end in failure, and Zach refused further strikes. He'd later clear Brett's name of all wrongdoings following the various lies brought about by Tim and George. In 2012, he'd move from Toparsburg, essentially leaving the SSC behind. He'd offer Tim Allender the job to replace him, which the latter agreed to.

Biography Edit

Zach was 13 years old upon joining the SSC. His early activities within the group are largely unknown, though he did quickly begin rising in rank the following year. Years later, after Tim's sudden disappearance, Zach was offered the role of leader, which he accepted. Eventually, after Corruption's defeat at the hands of Brett Blakley, Zach would assist in all efforts making sure that THEM truly was dying out in Toparsburg and various other counties. All went well until Brett's sudden turn away from the SSC. As Brett become more of a threat to students and Fighters alike, Zach was forced to send out an elite unit of troopers led by Mask 15 to detain Brett. Despite their best efforts, the attack was a failure. Zach, now fearing that Brett was secretly working with a dangerous underground sect of THEM, refused to send any other attacks Brett's way, as it could risk war erupting once again. Zach's decisions during this time, and his failure to properly organize soldiers in the SSC's newfound time of peace, led to a vast array of elites and soldiers leaving the group. Late that same year, George the returned Tim Allender brought Brett to an SSC medical center. The two claimed Brett had chosen to pretend to betray the SSC and work with Darkness, trying to discover if the latter had ties to THEM. With no evidence to argue against these points, Zach was left with no other option but to clear Brett's name of any negative charges he'd accumulated. Not long afterwards, Zach would reveal himself to be moving away from Toparsburg, thereby making him incapable of leading anymore. As such, Zach offered the role of leader to Tim Allender. Tim went on to accept this offer, but only on the grounds that Brett and George could also be made leaders of the Fighters, giving all three of them equal power over the group.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Zach was notably quite popular and wealthy when compared to average SSC members. Brett Blakley would come to dislike Zach for his apparent lack of experience when it came to fighting. Zach's skills as a leader were somewhat poor, with his decisions often bogged down in worries of conflicting interests or potential failures, resulting in poor organization attempts. Despite this, Zach's ability to give speeches was commendable, as were his abilities to hold the SSC together in times of crisis. Zach did not hold any notable grudges, often trying to respect his fellow fighters as best as possible. Zach was described as being shorter than most other SSC members, but with a powerful voice. Zach also had a hint of a southern accent, and barred a multitude of freckles throughout his face. He did not have any notable injuries, as his role did not require direct violence. Zach's hair was black in color and was often gelled back or styled, his skin had a pale tone. He also had long eyebrows and hazel eyes. As leader over the SSC, Zach often wore a specially-made white and blue garb.